Friday, April 24, 2009

Science Issue Out for Beltaine Fair!

The Summer 2009 issue, Science and Spirituality, is done, printed and copies have been distributed to Le Mélange Magique for sale at their Beltaine Fair this weekend. Unfortunately we'll not be at the fair due to other Beltaine commitments this weekend, but the line-up looks great!

I want to thank our printer, Mardigrafe, for their help resolved some graphics problems on this issue and for really bending over to make sure this issue got delivered in time for the fair. In case you don't know Mardigrafe, they are an ecological priner and design company in Pointe-St-Charles. If you need 'green' printing, they're the guys!

The Science and Spirituality issue is 24 pages and includes two new regular features: The Witch Whiz Quiz and a letters page. Articles this issue include a look at quantum magic, osteopathy, the neurology behind meditation, metal magic, and more. We also have some books related to science and spirituality reviewed. The full table of contents will be posted shortly.

Subscribers and distributors should expect to receive their issues next week, depending on Canada Post.

Enjoy the warm weather and the new beginnings of Spring!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Science Issue (Summer 2009) at the Printer

This morning we sent the "Science and Spirituality" issue to the printer. We expect to hear back from Mardigrafe by tomorrow to see when they can fit it into their printing schedule and how much the final cost will be, but our goal is to have it ready for the Beltaine Fair at Le Melange Magique this weekend.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Update on WynterGreene

As some of our loyal readers may have noticed, WynterGreene has not published an issue since Spring 2008. There are several reasons behind this, namely a shift in work schedules and commitment priorities of some of the key people involved in putting out WynterGreene, including members of the Board of Directors. Unfortunately, these kinds of stumbling blocks are almost to be expected in a volunteer-run organization, and being 100% volunteer-based makes us much more susceptible to them.

We're working on updating the "Science and Spirituality" issue that was scheduled to be released in June 2008, and was almost ready to go when things fell apart. We anticipate that it will be out in time for the Beltaine Fair in Montreal and Gaia Gathering in Vancouver.

Naturally any advertising contracts and subscriptions will be extended accordingly.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Citing Your Sources

One of the things we like to see when feature articles are submitted to WynterGreene is in-text references and citations. In fact, if you are writing a feature article that incorporates ideas and research other than your own, we insist on it. When we go to print, the citations often get stripped out to save layout space (that is, unless they are citing a direct quote or someone's direct opinion), but we still require them for your initial submission.

Not sure what citing your references means? Or not sure when or how to do it? One of my favourite podcasts, Grammar Girl, recently did an episode on just this. It's focusing mainly on Internet sources, but that's okay. Similar principals apply to citing books, magazines, lectures, and even information received in workshops! The podcast also talks a little bit about how to assess a website's credibility, something that all of us should know how to do regardless of whether we are writers or readers.

You can access Grammar Girls Citing Podcasts and Websites episode, or a transcript of the episode, here .

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring 2008 Issue in Stores

Our latest issue is back from the printers and currently being distributed to subscribers and distributors. Look for it in your mailbox or local esoteric store soon! The issue tackles the topic of Male Mysteries and was guest edited by Taras, who pulled together some great content. we hope that you enjoy it!

Male Mysteries: Balance in Complement by Taras

Cover Art:
Brotherhood by Ash
The Myth of Ego: Men’s Mysteries from a Gay Male Perspective by Andrew Manning

Balance in Comunity: The Need for Men’s Circles by Utu

The Importance of Male Roles by Drago Canzoneri

Gathering Together: The Road to Creating Men’s Circles by Jean-Mark AKA Pagan Owl

Male Rites of Passage by Serpent Vector

Manifesting Magick: The Niagara Pagan Men’s Circle by Utu

Raising Cain by Karen Rice-Leroux

Regular Columns and Features:
Olympe par Atalante Pythie

Top Picks: Male Energy—10 Modern Stories by Taras

Local and Canadian News

Listings and Festivals

Book Reviews
Sacred Paths for Modern Men
King Warrior Magician Lover
Iron John

Next Issue/Prochaine Numéro
Summer 2008: Theme: Science and Spirituality
Guest Editor: Rosanne Séguin

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Send Us Your Thoughts About Science

For the Summer issue of WynterGreene we will be exploring Science and Spirituality. Can science can be reconciled with contemporary Pagan religions. Can the pursuit of knowledge in areas of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine contribute to spiritual growth, or does it detract from the mystery and mysticism of religion?

To this end, we are inviting you to briefly send us (via email) your thoughts and beliefs on the subject. Can they be reconciled? How do you define science, religion, and magic? Where are they similar and where do they differ? Please try to keep the total length of your contributions to under 150 word and include a 5-10 word snapshot-biography of yourself (example: name/job/education and religious practice). We'll print as many of the contributions that we receive before April 28th as space will permit.

You can email us at: editor(at)wyntergreene(dot)ca.

Complete issue description and deadlines for full-length articles submissions can be found here. If you think you have an article idea for the issue, please query us with your idea to make sure we haven't had a similar submission or query already.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Rosanne (Issue Editor) and Amanda (Managing Editor)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Summer Theme: Science

Well, the Spring issue is in at layout. That means that we're gearing up for summer--despite the feet of snow on the ground!

Our summer issue this year will carry the theme Science and Spirituality. We are thrilled to have Rosanne Seguin, one of WynterGreene Advisory Board members and a Montreal-Area research scientist, as Guest Editor for this issue. Here is the description of what she has in store for you:

Science and Spirituality: Are they irreconcilable? We are aware of the contributions science makes to fields of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. Can the pursuit of knowledge in these areas enhance the seeking of truth and contribute to a spiritual awakening? Or does the scientific method preclude any recognition of that which cannot be measured and studied? As spiritual practitioners, do we risk impoverishing our spirituality if we chose to ignore science and its contributions? Through a dialogue with pagans who function in the realm of scientific study, we will attempt to address these questions.

La science et la spiritualité: sont-elles irréconciliables? La science contribue grandement à des découvertes dans les domaines de la physique, de la chimie, de la biologie et de la médecine. La quête de connaissance dans ces domaines peut-elle accroître la recherche de la vérité et participer à un éveil spirituel? La méthode scientiique ne rejette-elle pas plutôt la reconnaissance de ce qui ne peut être mesuré et étudié? En tant que praticiens spirituels, risquons-nous d’appauvrir notre spiritualité en ignorant les avancées de la science? Dans une tentative de trouver une réponse à ces questions, nous nous sommes entretenus avec des païens œuvrant au sein de la recherche scientiique.

If you'd like to contribute to this issue or offer a topic suggestion, please drop us a note. Deadline for submissions is April 15th, 2008.

Date limite des soumissions et publicités est le 15 avril 2008