Thursday, September 27, 2007

Autumn Issue is in Stores!

The autumn issue of WynterGreene, focussing in on the theme Prayer, is now in stores. We are also pleased to announce that this issue of WynterGreene was printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper by a print-shop in Montreal specialising in environmentally- and socially-responsibly printing, Mardigrafe. As well, the paper used for the cover (Mohawk) was produced in a factory that uses wind-generated electricity, and the paper used for the inside pages of the magazine (Cascades DP100) was produced using energy generated from biogas (basically recaptured gas from compost). Enjoy!

Cover Art
"Water Fall" by Annika Diehl

Feature Articles
"Magical Thinking: The Seven of Cups" by Cheryl Lynne Bradley

"To Pray or To Cast: Exploring the Differences Between Prayer and Magic" by Taras

"Personal Prayer Beads: Meditation and Magic" by Ceri Young

"A Web in the Weaving: A Brief Overview of the History of Wicca in Canada (Part 2)" by Amanda Strong

Perspectives Articles
"The Infinity of my Burning Heart: Reflections on How I Pray" by Archer

Community Focus
Niagara Voodoo Shrine

Book Reviews
Tarot of Jane Austen Kit (Diane Wilke and Lola Airaghi)
Celtic Prayers and Incantations (Alexander Carmichael)
Devotional Dance DVD (T. Thorn Coyle)
Sweat Your Prayers (Gabrielle Roth)
All About Chakras (Lily Rooman)

Regular Columns and Features
"Parlons Païens" par Coral
"All Roads: A Short Story Serial" by Talyesin
"Olympe" par Atalante Pythie
Local and Canadian News
Listings and Festivals

Individual issues and subscriptions may be purchased online at:

Current issues of WynterGreene may be purchased at the following locations:
Charme et Sortilège, 4933 de Grand-PréMontreal, Qc
Coop La Maison Verte, 5785 Sherbrooke W, NDG (Montreal), Qc
Le Mélange Magique, 1928 Ste-Catherine W, Montreal, Qc
Little Mysteries Bookstore, Halifax, NS