Thursday, August 23, 2007

Exchange Binders Updated

The WynterGreene exchange binders, graciously housed at the Montreal Pagan Resource Centre (MPRC) for your perusing pleasure, have been updated!

What are the exchange binders, you ask? Basically WynterGreene exchanges with other Pagan and alternative spirituality magazines. This means that we send them copies of WynterGreene and they send us copies of their publication(s). It's a way for magazine editors and publishers to see what each other are doing and to share ideas. It seemed a shame for all these wonderful magazines to languish on the personal bookshelves of our Managing Editor, so the MPRC offered to hold onto them for us and make them available to visitors for on-site consultation.

WynterGreene currently exchanges with:
The Blessed Bee
Sage Woman
New Witch
The PFPC newsletter

In the past we've exchanged with:
Witan / Wiccan Candles (ceased publishing)
Moonlit Muse (ceased publishing)
Paganet News (now online)

All of these are available in binders at the MPRC. If you don't see them, ask a volunteer. The binders are usually on the bookshelf nearest the volunteer desk.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Theme for Spring 2008

Spring 2008: Men’s Mysteries
Guest Editor: Taras

Gender roles within North American society are changing, and these changes are reflected in NeoPaganism. Among all the discussion of Mother Earth and Goddess energy, where does the God fit in? Is there a specific role for men within NeoPaganism? Is there a difference between male and female energy? What are the unique or distinguishing characteristics of male energy? How is that energy used? What responsibilities does a man have toward other men, women, society, and himself?

Deadline for submissions and reserving advertising space: January 15, 2008

Printemps 2008: Les Mystères de l’homme
Editeur invité: Taras

Les rôles masculins/féminins de l’Amérique du Nord changent, et ces changements se reflètent dans le NeoPaganisme. Parmi les discussions sur la Mère Terre et l’énergie de la Déesse, où Dieu s’y retrouve-t-il ? Y a-t-il un rôle spécifique pour l’homme à l’intérieur du NeoPaganisme ? Y a-t-il une différence entre l’énergie masculine et féminine ? Quelles sont les caractéristiques uniques ou distinctes de l’énergie mâle ? Comment cette énergie est-elle utilisée ? Quelles responsabilités a un homme vis-à-vis les autres hommes, femmes, sociétés et lui-même ?

Date limite des soumissions et publicités: le 15 janvier 2008