Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer Issue is Out

The Summer 2007 issue, themed Wicca, is back from the printers and is currently being distributed to subscribers and distributors.

Contents this issue include:

Le Langage Wicca: Établir une Pratique Francophone de la Tradition
par Mylene

A Web in the Weaving: A Brief Overview of the History of Wicca in Canada
By Amanda Strong

Wicca on the Rise: Exploring the Popularity of Wicca
By Rosanne Séguin

Pagan Chaplaincy: Profile of Pagan Pastoral Outreach
By Ceri Young

Coven Versus Solitary: A Personal Perspective
By Brenda

What is Wicca?Perspectives From Our Community

Top Picks: Discovering and Deepening Wiccan Practice

1) Creating Circles and Ceremonies
2) Between the Worlds: Readings in Contemporary Neopaganism